About us and our reggae dubplate/drops service

We have build a big network of contacts ranging from selectors and soundsystems to artistes, their managements and studios. We only work with trusted sources. We guarantee 100% genuine dubplates directly from the source in Jamaica

All enquiries and orders will be coordinated through our direct link in Jamaica. We work directly with the artistes or their management. Before finalizing a sale we always verify that the artiste is available and can deliver the dubs and drops within our delivery time frames. Think of us as being the intermediate delivering your enquiry to the right person(s) at the right place and the right time!

Frequently Asked Questions
– Do you provide free dubplates or drops?
No, we don`t. Some artistes might throw in some free drops when you order a dub or special. But basically we don`t offer anything for free. Artistes have to eat too and artistes have to pay for studio time too.

– I don’t see prices on your site?
That’s correct. Prices depend on the artiste, sometimes even the song makes a difference. Exact quotes will be tailor made for your particular request. Dubplate / special prices will range from $250USD for upcoming artistes to 5-600USD and more for big names. Prices for drops and jingles will generally start at $150USD, depending on the artiste.

– How does the process work at gizabooking.com
You send your enquiry to us. If your enquiry is completely clear to us we will forward it to our contact in Kingston, Jamaica or to the artiste (or their management) you requested. They on their turn will get back to you with exact quotes for the package you requested.

– Is it possible to voice an artiste that isn`t featured on your site?
Yes most definitely! Fill in the enquiry form and fill in the name of the artiste under “Song/Script for Drop” and we will try to find out if we can still voice the artiste for you. Thanks to our vast network we can virtually voice any Jamaican artiste.

– How can I pay for my order?
You can pay using
– Western Union (Preferred: directly to Jamaica, you will only pay the regular Western Union Fee)
– PayPal (+5% extra charge, possibly some delay because of the fact that a lot of times we have to forward the money (cash) via Western Union).

– How long does it take to get my finished dubplates / drops / specials?
It takes an average of 1 week to get the order back to you depending on the artist schedule. However in some cases it can take up to 28 days. You will be kept informed. In general jingles from the bigger artistes can take a little longer (max 28 days) because of the fact we depend on the artistes passing through the studio in Kingston.

– How will I receive my finished dubplates / drops / specials?
You will receive your dubs / drops / specials as high quality mp3 / wav files. It will be sent electronically by email or uploaded to Google Drive.

– Can I get a better deal if I order more than 1 song from the same artist?
Most artists will always give you a better deal if you take more than 1 song.

– Will the dubplates / specials be recorded in split track?
Yes most artist will voice in split Track, although there are some artists who prefer not to voice dubplates / specials in split track because of the fraudulent dubplate sellers / scammers who use accapella’s to make splice dubplates / specials.

– Can I get 2 or more artists in combination on the same song?
It can be done. Depending on the artist’s involved and who’s working together at the present time.

– Can I get the dubplates / specials custom to diss another sound / selector?
You can get majority of Artists to do this at an extra cost.

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